Strategic Organization…What is that?

Something that I have discovered about myself in the not too distant history is that I function better mentally when I am organized. And by organized, I mean every little thing in its place away in a drawer or cupboard somewhere. I hate having things on counters and on shelves with the exception of books and a few necessity items. This piece is about my closet space in general and I typically hate closets because Read More

Spring Inspired Bedroom Living

Spring cleaning your bedroom should be on the list of must dos before the end of May and here is why. With the colder months, our windows are closed tight, and curtains are drawn for most of the day.  With that we tend to have heavier bedding. So now that spring has finally sprung this is a good time to not only wash the bedding in hot water, but it is also time to wash Read More

Window Treatment Strategies Part 2

Okay I have a confession. Because I believe so strongly in living and speaking my truth; I also believe that one must take responsibility for their actions. So, here it goes. I have been procrastinating on my April blog. Why? I finally decided what I wanted to do in my kitchen window for a treatment for a part 2 to the original blog I did for Design Strategies for Window Treatments. However, it did not Read More

Declutter to Change Your Life

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you are always late or why you can’t find your keys daily  or maybe you just can’t seem to get out of a funk? Believe it or not, but the answer is usually due to your home surroundings. Most of us shudder when we hear the word ‘declutter’. Why do we react to the word ‘declutter’? I believe, it is because we get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed about the idea Read More

February Fever

As I sit at my kitchen table drinking my coffee, I can’t help but wonder why Mother Nature is so angry with us. The schools are closed again, and the snow mixed with rain keeps falling. And then I remember, that it is ONLY February. But it is that time of year when I start to feel the need to open the windows and get some fresh air into the home and get my hands Read More

Does Your Home Love You

We all start out by buying the home we love and making small changes to make it our own to reflect our own uniqueness. But, does your home love you? Well that is a weird question, isn’t it? When you are sitting in a room in your house, any room; do you enjoy it? Does it bring you pleasure to just sit and be in the space? Does it inspire you? These are important questions Read More

Back Yard Redesign

Moving into a new home is always challenging as there are changes that need to happen to make the new space your own.  Some improvements may be small and some on the larger side. My husband and I moved into a new house two years ago and felt that the home needed some tender loving care. So we have been very busy changing wall colors, replacing some appliances and inserting new hardware on some of Read More

Design Strategies for Window Treatments

Do you struggle when it comes to decorating your home? Okay, lets be a little more specific. Do you struggle with window treatments? Aahhh, there it is. Is there anxiety and hatred of deciding on what to put on your windows? Well let’s agree that there are some pretty ugly ways to cover your windows, shall we? But what treatment to decide should be in place that will bring your room design all together.  And Read More

Painting Tips and Tricks

Painters Tape – try not to use this as the paint will bleed under the tape and may cause peeling of paint once dry. Patching drywall – if you are patching using any form of filler, be sure to sand well and then prime the area before applying the paint. Otherwise you will see the area that was patched. Cutting around the room – Roll the paint on as you cut along the ceiling and Read More

Breathing New Life Into a Room

The first time I mentioned this to my husband he looked at me like I had two heads, that was 17 years ago. He is now quite used to my ‘our house has feelings’ thoughts. But seriously, do you have a room that you walk into and feel that it needs a little ‘pick me up’? That is the feeling that I am talking about. What is required is a good spring cleaning. Open the Read More