The name was an inspirational moment for me. Creating a clean, sacred, comfortable environment at home is important of course, but it’s the impact that it has on the soul that lives in the space that is really magical. When our environments support us physically, emotionally and intellectually, our body becomes at peace. That peace then sparks imagination, joy and inspiration allowing us to ‘sparkle’ in our truest sense.

Homemade Natural Cleaners

This was designed so that You will have the opportunity to explore the benefits of using essential oils through discussion while participating in creating three different products to take with you to enjoy.

Date: Thursday June 27, 2019

Time: 7 pm

Location: 89 Arborglen Drive

The environment will be inviting, full of conversation and giggles and there will also be a light snack and refreshments.

Space is limited, so be sure to book at your earliest convenience.

Investment $45/person

And can be made by cash or etransfer

Facilitator Bio:

Charlotte Harris has a passion for helping others achieve a sacred environment in their home. She does this through discussion and is able to identify where the environment can be improved to better support the people who live there. When she is not busy with her business and volunteering, she is often in her garden. Other interests include traveling, cooking, baking, yoga, writing and hiking.

I look forward to sharing an evening of exploration with you.

Kindest regards,

Charlotte Harris