About Me

Hello, I’m Charlotte Harris.

Coming from a large family of tradespeople, I guess you can say that home décor and design are in my blood. Growing up someone was always building a house, or laying a concrete driveway pad, or drywalling a neighbour’s house. I found my niche in all this excitement the first time around the age of 12 years old as I decided to rearrange my mom and dad’s Livingroom furniture, navigating the measurements and size to ensure proper flow of a room. Ha!

Don’t think that even came into my mind. But mom and dad loved it and so the furniture stayed until the next time I felt the urge to move something around. Then at about 17 I picked up a paint brush for the first time to help my dad paint a wall in his garage and was over the moon with excitement. From that moment on I was looking for ways to add color to spaces in my life.

The biggest achievement that I had discovered was once a room was completed and clean, there was a feeling of freshness and calm. Clearing out all the corners of a room and giving everything a good cleaning to make way for a fresh new look full of abundant colors and textures. This to me is where the accomplishment comes in like a breeze of calm. When I can sit and look at the room for hours on end, just sitting there taking it all in. All the work in the end is so worth it. The build up of excitement from the picking of the paint colors to choosing a couple of new items to jazz up the room. Maybe some new bedding or a new piece of décor or maybe a new piece of furniture.

Love this! And nothing is more satisfying then being able to help someone else visualize and conceptualize their dream room. Especially if they are hands on in the process, as they then get a true taste of what they can accomplish as well with a little coaching. Truly is a win all the way around.

I have worked closely with family and friends over the years in assisting them in achieving a freshness that reflects their own uniqueness. And each time I get to learn a little something new with each space, as all spaces have their challenges and opportunities. And I embrace each new challenge that comes my way with great gratitude knowing that I will be able to assist someone else in the future that maybe dealing with the same sort of obstacles.

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