The first time I mentioned this to my husband he looked at me like I had two heads, that was 17 years ago. He is now quite used to my ‘our house has feelings’ thoughts. But seriously, do you have a room that you walk into and feel that it needs a little ‘pick me up’? That is the feeling that I am talking about.

What is required is a good spring cleaning. Open the windows, vacuum in behind the furniture, wipe the baseboards and prepare the room for a fresh coat of paint. The color? You decide, there is a huge range of beautiful colors. The choices are endless. Is this a lot of work? I guess it depends on the size of room and how much furniture there is. But if we are talking about an office or a den, then really this is an afternoon activity. The 2nd coat of paint would push it into 2 days, but really that is just a weekend project.

Imagine, your favorite room in a new color! Isn’t that exciting! Well okay, I know for some people it is not. But I love color, painting, textures and rearranging furniture. This creates a whole new life in a room that would otherwise be tired and in need of an update. With the implementation of a few new décor items and maybe a little greenery from a local nursery, and viola, you have a beautiful new space!

It gets my heart jumping just thinking about it! Oh, and one more thing, never be afraid of trying a new color. If you paint the room and hate it, it’s just paint. Paint it again with a different color to achieve the look you are wanting. Or better yet, use the free online tools to see what color would look the best in your room before you buy the paint. That way you know exactly what it will look like at the end with no surprises.
Happy creating! ♥