Curtain Clipart

Do you struggle when it comes to decorating your home? Okay, lets be a little more specific. Do you struggle with window treatments? Aahhh, there it is. Is there anxiety and hatred of deciding on what to put on your windows? Well let’s agree that there are some pretty ugly ways to cover your windows, shall we?

But what treatment to decide should be in place that will bring your room design all together.  And yes, if it is the right treatment, it will bring the room together beautifully.

Me, I love the outdoors and sunshine. My theory always was why would you cover up the windows? There are many benefits to having the sun shine into your home and the freshness of inviting the outdoors in. Right? After we moved into our new home, not having the time or money to put into the window treatments right away, I can say that a room doesn’t feel finished and the room feels stark. Yuck!

Deciding What Treatment Fits the Rooms Vibe

We have two rooms that require window treatments. Our kitchen window over the sink and looking into the backyard. This window gets full sun throughout the day and even though we replaced the original windows last year, still lets in too much heat in the dead of summer. Then we have our ensuite window on the 2nd floor above the soaker tub, it is obscured but again has full sun all day.

I did mention to my husband when we replaced the windows that we would require window treatments on both windows, but this was met with ‘there are other priorities right now’. And he was right. However, now that he has experienced the uncomfortableness of the heat coming in, this has now become a priority. Hee hee! Now, if you have a partner in crime like mine, they definitely have an opinion on what they like and don’t like. Sigh. Making it harder to find something that you both can live with.

My Experience

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking a nice light bamboo roman shade with a light wood grain over the kitchen sink as we have cherry wood cabinets and this would be a gentle contrast with a touch of elegance. Hi response, ‘I hate roman shades!’ I challenged his voiced opinion with ‘you know that there are many different types of roman shades, right?’ Since when does not like roman shades? And does he even know what a roman shade is??

Well I let it die as there are bigger fish to fry and decided to create a few different visuals for him to see what the choices are in the roman shade department. Anyone can do this as there are all kinds of free software online to choose from. But all I did for the kitchen window was take a picture of our opening and then play with the different tools within the media photos to find my desired effect. I have found that this is the best way to convince my husband of the desired look I am into as he usually has a hard time visualizing. Or another option would be to print off a couple of pictures of your opening and get out your pencil crayons to create your favorite coverings and then save a picture of exactly what you like from Pinterest. This is my favorite way as I am no artist but can get my point across and then no matter what your partner chooses from your personal choices it’s a win win situation. 😊

See my favorite types of roman shades that were mouse drawn to give perspective as well as the complimentary pictures from pinterest.

Plain Roman








Rear Tucked Roman