We all start out by buying the home we love and making small changes to make it our own to reflect our own uniqueness. But, does your home love you?

Well that is a weird question, isn’t it?

When you are sitting in a room in your house, any room; do you enjoy it? Does it bring you pleasure to just sit and be in the space? Does it inspire you? These are important questions because if it doesn’t, there are things that you can do to make it so. Why is this important, it’s functional? Well it doesn’t have to be important, but if we are trying to be the best version of ourselves, this will make a difference.

It will make a difference in how we feel about ourselves, our homes, and our lives. Your home environment is a space to relax, rejuvenate and reflect. How can one do this if we look around our space and see improvements that need to happen? ‘Oh, I hate the color of this wall’ or ‘oh, I wish we had different furniture to sit on as this is not very comfortable’, etc.

Let me put it this way, have you ever walked into a room and was overwhelmed and walked out? This might have been due to paper clutter, misplaced furniture or just a space that is used for storage. The reason that you are overwhelmed and want to leave is because the energy is not able to flow properly in that space. We are made up of energy. When we are healthy and happy, we have good energy; when we are feeling not well or sad, we have not so good energy. Our homes hold energy too, this energy is produced from us and needs to have room to flow.

The best way to produce better energy in our home is to start with the decluttering process. Now I know you have heard this and it seems like a lot of work, but how much work is it for you to try to be happy and optimistic in the space at this present time? Go on try it. I can guarantee that it will be a lot less effort to do the declutter. Once we have put things where they belong and have rid the space of items not of importance, we will be able to start to envision the opportunities for the space. We will become excited about color and furniture placement. Experiment and try the furniture in different spots. When the placement is right, you will know as you will be able to feel it. Trust yourself.

When the space makes us happy and content to be in it, we have succeeded. The benefits of this comes in ways of creativeness, calmness, peace, and perhaps even rest. And it is okay to feel all of these. This is how our homes love us. It provides us the space to be able to do what our bodies need the most at that time. I encourage you to explore and try something new with your space to see what makes you feel better.