As I sit at my kitchen table drinking my coffee, I can’t help but wonder why Mother Nature is so angry with us. The schools are closed again, and the snow mixed with rain keeps falling. And then I remember, that it is ONLY February. But it is that time of year when I start to feel the need to open the windows and get some fresh air into the home and get my hands in the dirt in the garden. Canadian winters tend to be long and drawn out for those of us who do not typically ‘get out’ and enjoy the season. We sit by our fireplaces dreaming of summer and when we can go outside without having to get bundled up.

With all that being said, this is the perfect time to start planning what you would like to do with your home space come spring. My husband and I are always looking at the ‘have to dos’. For instance, we have some windows that still have to be replaced as they are the originals and are not as efficient as they could be. We are also looking at how to add a warmth homey feeling to our family room that will also add a feeling of rustic appeal. I use this time to transplant and start new indoor plants as this provides me with not only the feeling of new life in our indoor space, but it also helps with the air quality and a bright perspective.

Taking the time to plan and take stock of your home is a great way to get excited about what is yet to come. Especially if we are feeling like winter will never end. This also allows us the time to ensure the funds required for such projects will be set aside so that we are not taking on too much debt in order to create the home of our dreams. This dreamy February time actually provides us with a beautiful opportunity to really take a good hard look of our lives, home and dreams and how we can set goals to achieve each one with ease.

Hhhmmm, I guess maybe Mother Nature isn’t all that mad at us, maybe she is just reminding us that we haven’t taken the time we need in order to really do some self care on a much deeper level. Turn your fireplace on, put your feet up and start dreaming what you would like to see happen in your life in the next couple of months and make a list of what is required in order to make that happen. And then if required look into the cost of what that would look like and come up with a plan. Everything starts out with a thought. So, let’s build on that thought and create a reality of it. Good luck with your planning and I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

Much Love, Charlotte