Spring cleaning your bedroom should be on the list of must dos before the end of May and here is why. With the colder months, our windows are closed tight, and curtains are drawn for most of the day.  With that we tend to have heavier bedding. So now that spring has finally sprung this is a good time to not only wash the bedding in hot water, but it is also time to wash our windows and the coverings. This is the perfect time to change out the linens on the bed to something a little lighter as the nights are warmer now than the sub-temperatures that are accompanied with the snow fall. So, put away those flannel sheets and heavy duvets once washed and bring out the soft cotton sheets and that beautiful coverlet.

Another one of my favorite practices is to buy new bed linens and new pillows every couple of years. Just like we tire of certain clothing, our bed blankets get worn out and tired looking too. Having pillow and mattress covers are also a great way to keep your pillows and mattresses stain free. Just wash these with your regular bed linens and you will always have a fresh smelling bed when you are done.

Once you have your bed and windows done, you can keep on trucking through your closet and drawers and see what clothes you no longer wear or fit and set them aside. This makes room for new bright clothing for the warmer months that inspire you. I can’t think of a better way to spring clean that by doing a room that you spend a good part of your time resting in.

The best part about all of this is that a shelter will be more than happy to take on any clean donations that you may have instead of putting them in a landfill somewhere. You will feel good cleaning out all the corners (I promise you will) and you will feel good about helping someone else that may not have to.

I have to go now as I have work to do in my bedroom. Chat soon!