Something that I have discovered about myself in the not too distant history is that I function better mentally when I am organized. And by organized, I mean every little thing in its place away in a drawer or cupboard somewhere. I hate having things on counters and on shelves with the exception of books and a few necessity items. This piece is about my closet space in general and I typically hate closets because they are dark and don’t have enough space. When my husband and I moved into our current home, I was beyond delighted because our closet in our bedroom was not only a walk-in, but it had a window and a ceiling light! Hallelujah! The only problem I had with it was that it had a single bar about eye height across the room. What a waste of space!

Oh, the potential! Oh, the excitement in my eyes and my mind as I started searching for the perfect closet organization system. I could have shelving, drawers, shoe racks, and a place for my purses!  I was so super pumped about updating the builder grade closet until I spoke to my husband about it and was met with ‘what’s wrong with it? I like it the way it is.’ Humph. Sigh.  Now I am all for, I can do it myself. I have waited until he has left town in the past to paint walls, rooms and have even done some minor repairs without him. But this was a space that I had to share with him as it was part of our bedroom and I wanted him to be happy with what was there as well. So, I waited. I waited until Christmas time when we had all of our family in town for the season. And then I ‘happened’ to mention something to his parents. I am so fortunate to have the in-laws that I do, as they appreciate all efforts that go into a home and understand how it affects the return on investment. Now, don’t get me wrong; a closet isn’t going to get a whole lot of anything in the grand scheme of things. But a nicely finished walk-in closet will win over most women anytime.

Back to my story, we made the trip upstairs to the closet with my husband reluctantly in tow.  😊 I shared my vision for the space and once again, my hubby spoke up about not wanting to change it. His parents chatted about the added value and how it would enhance the visual pleasure from our doorway. However, Kevin was steadfast with his wishes. So, I asked him why. What would be the big deal in doing something about it that would make his wife happy and in the same breath add value. Here’s the thing, Kevin is 6’4” tall and I am 5’3” tall. His shirts and pants hang longer than mine do and he felt that his clothing would not hang nicely if it was in a two-tier organized system. Okay, that makes total sense, I get it. After some discussion, we did reach a compromise. As our closet is divided by the doorway; my clothes on the left and his on the right, we decided to put an organizer in on my side. That way we both obtain the look and functionality that each of us enjoys. Is it ideal? No. But I get to have an organizer and his side of the closet is an obstructed view due to the door, so really it was a win in my eyes.

The next day we made a trip to Home Depot with his dad. Did I mention I have the best father in-law? I picked out the system that I liked within our budget and the boys put it in for me and I couldn’t be happier. See here’s the thing, our homes are our place to not only be comfortable and warm. They are also the place where we get to be free. For me, this means freedom to be creative and innovative and content. And when I find an area in my space, my home that isn’t working for me or that I don’t enjoy interacting with, I know it means that I have to fix how I utilize it. A classic area for most people to relate to, is that junk drawer in the kitchen or the cupboard that hosts all of your plastic containers that you are afraid to open the door to as they might fall out. Am I right? You know I am, because I too had those. These areas cause us aggravation as they are not functional or conducive to how we operate in our home.

If you haven’t noticed by now in the blogs that I write, I have a strong belief that if you take care of your home, your home will take care of you. With systems in place that are easy to use and functional this will in turn save you time and money. Because lets face it, if you are running late in the morning before work and you reach into a cupboard to grab your travel mug, depending what’s in place in the area will determine if you have to now pick everything up that has fallen out or you can quickly be able to grab your mug and go.

Some people will suggest that there are items to be rid of if this is a problem. And I agree sometimes it is necessary to declutter. But if you have a family with kids, its not always easy to declutter as a lot of times we need the extras to be comfortable. And efficiency for people with families or without, is the key to ease in life.

Kevin’s side of the closet to his liking.

My side of the closet to my liking.