Amber M.
As a family with two full time working parents and very active teenage children we were too busy to update our house. Over the years our house had become cluttered with important mementos we have gathered including kids art and crafts and an abundance of Knickknacks. I needed help to declutter and update my house but I was very attached to all my things. Charlotte took time to listen to what was really important and helped guide me through the process of updating my home. She provided insight into how to select and display things that were truly important to me in a meaningful and beautiful way and to let go of the things that were not as important. She provided advice on how to select furniture and arrange it in a way to create beautiful inviting rooms that are very representative of who we are as a family. Through the process the most important thing for me was that she listened, guided, and worked with us to develop the plan that was right for us. At no point did she insist her way was right or the only way she guided and adjusted her advice to suit our needs and as a family we are very happy with the results!